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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas - 2011

This year I wrote our blog address on our Christmas cards in hopes that it would motivate me to find the time to post more often to the blog.  I am so busy these days with work and the kids going in all different directions that it is hard to find 20 minutes to myself. 

Here is a quick little glimpse into how our last year has been.

Gabi finished up Kindergarten at Nathan's school in May.  She had a fabulous teacher that challenged her and was always finding ways to make her excited to learn.  She finished Kindergarten testing at a 4.5 grade reading level, and finished the 2nd grade math book.  We realized we needed something more consistently challenging for Gabi.  Gabi is now in 1st grade.  She is in a gifted Spanish immersion program.  She will stay with the same students from 1st - 6th grade.  It is not at our home school, but it is worth the drive.  She has really enjoyed learning Spanish so far.  It is a huge help that Nathan speaks Spanish and can help her with homework!  Gabi is also still taking dance and is always moving and dancing around.  Recently she has started to enjoy drawing and creating bracelets out of beads for all her friends at school. 

Kai finished his first year of preschool in May.  He enjoyed being with kids each day and learning songs and stories along with his alphabet.  Kai continues to love superheroes and if you come into our home there is a good chance that you will run into either Batman or Spiderman while you are here!  This fall Kai is back in preschool, this time with our favorite teacher, Mrs. Sweet!  She is fabulous for Kai and she is getting him ready for Kindergarten.  He still loves to learn and he is really good at rhyming words, his numbers, etc.   Starting in June Kai started doing speech therapy at the hospital rehab center because he talked in only vowels.  He has grown so much in just the last 6 months.  We are very proud of him!!

Koa is turning out to be the little ring leader of the kids.  :)  At this time he only weighs about 3 pounds less than Kai and is a few inches shorter, and he can get his way if he wants to.  He has an infectious smile and laugh.  Koa, like the other kids at this age, has really started to like The Backyardigans and Dora.  He is pretty good at all his colors and numbers, and now we just need to focus on the letters.  The biggest accomplishment for Koa this year was that he was potty trained in the last 2 months!!  We are SO excited to have no diapers in the house!  Way to go Koa!!

Nathan is in his third year as an Assistant Principal at Hawthorn Academy, which is a K-9 charter school.  Unfortunately after work he does not get to come home and relax.  He also evaluates 2-3 hours each night for WGU.  An exciting addition to our home this year was Nathan's new toy - a fully restored '67 Dodge Charger.  When the weather is nice he enjoys driving it to school occasionally and then going for rides on the weekend.  In what little extra time he has available he enjoys making wood carvings (usually Hawaiian turtles), playing video games, and watching movies. 

Kristen - I'm in my 5th year with WGU (Western Governors University), but my second year as the training facilitator.  It has been a great position with wonderful colleagues, and I'm blessed to be able to work full time from home while still taking care of my children.  My days are hectic and usually begin at 5 am and end at midnight, but it is worth it to be home.  In what little spare time I have I enjoy stamping cards and scrapbook pages as well as crocheting blankets, hats and bows for friends and family. 

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.  We love you all!

The Riquino Family

Beach Bums in Florida

While we were in Florida in October we had the privilege of having Amy Lopez take our pictures. She was amazing!! The kids were pretty well behaved, and we are in love with the pictures. Now is the hard part...trying to figure out which ones to print out!

We will definitely have Amy take our pictures every year!

You can see the rest of the pictures from our ablum on Facebook: 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stationery Card

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Easy Bake is not so easy!

Gabi's favorite thing she got for Christmas this year she says is her Easy Bake oven that she got from her Auntie Jen.  Things have been so hectic that we haven't had a minute to pull it out and let her try it.  Last night we tried and then realized that we didn't have the light bulb needed.  So, today we went and got the light bulb we needed and tonight we were set to make sugar cookies.  The directions said to let the oven preheat for 15 minutes, bake them for 10 minutes, and then cool for 10 minutes.  This is what we ended up with.  It looks like she bakes like her momma!  :)

She still has a proud smile even though they turned out not so great!

These were supposed to be three separate cookies.  They all cooked into one.  I guess a light bulb really can cook food! 

Mom, I can't even bite into it!  Gabi ended up throwing the cookies away.  We will try the cake tomorrow.  Wish us luck!!

** If anyone has experience with an Easy Bake oven and how to get these cookies to turn out, please let us know!!  We have three more packets of cookies for Gabi to make.  **

Hanging around the house

Not too much has been happening this week.  Just getting back into the routine of school starting again and getting back to our normal routine. 

I didn't pull my camera out too much this week.  Here are just a few pictures around the house.  Yes, all the kids are in their PJs.  We have had some pretty lazy mornings around here.  :)

Gabi wanted me to take a picture of her with the necklace that she made.  She loves the beads that Grandmom gave her for Christmas.

Koa loves his baby dolls.  For Christmas he got two new boy babies.  He still goes after Gabi's dolls. 

So cute!  :)

Kai loves coloring with the dry erase boards.  He is starting to draw people, rainbows, etc. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grandmom and Granddad visiting - New Year's Weekend

Grandmom and Granddad play lots of games with the kids when they come.

Kai found a new wrestling buddy.  Kai loves playing around!

Good buddies!

Another game!

Granddad, Kai and Koa.

Grandmom and Gabi

You can't see me!


Jason and his family came over as well.  Here is Auntie Rachel with baby Julianna asleep.  She is already 6 months old!! 

Jason helping Brayden play Curious George.

Kai loves to be tickled. 

Grandmom and Julianna

Brayden was excited to see the bike in the basement.  He liked playing the games.

Kai's turn.  He wanted to play Batman.

Gabi wanted to show her dance moves.

Spin, Brayden, Spin!!

The kids playing with their new saucer game.

Koa and Brayden playing with the kitchen.  It was funny to watch them dump things only to look for one very specific toy they wanted.  Kids will be kids!!

Our large beanbag is a big hit with the kids.  The boys decided to take a break to read some books.

Kai's joining in too!

Upstairs Gabi is showing how her new journal works.  It has a password that makes the door open only when you say it correctly.  Unfortunately, it is very picky and you have to say it JUST RIGHT!!  We have reset it many times!  :)

Julianna's awake!

Look at that, she already has a purse!

Thanks for coming out and visiting mom and dad. It is always good to see you!